Welcome to the blog, fam. I am so thankful and glad you are here-truly. I deeply hope this is a place where you feel encouraged, refreshed and inspired. In this tiny corner of the internet, you are loved and heard. You are seen, valued and welcome- regardless of what you believe, who you love, how you live. When I say all are welcome, I mean ALL. All walks of life, styles of parenting, ways of living, methods of believing. Welcome to the table.

I want this space to be like a world wide Table. Where we can come and go as we please, a table full of light and hope and creativity and inspiration. Where we can discuss, openly and kindly, everything from homeschool schedules to infertility to defeating racism to sensory bin ideas to cocktail recipes.

You’ll find three categories in this blog: Home, Heart and Style. Home will encompass life with high needs kids, parenting, homeschooling, recipes (where my gluten free and dairy free peeps at? I gotchu). Heart will be a place of living life after loss, dealing with everything from PTSD to marriage conflicts to loving well in the midst of trials. Style will cover favorite beauty, style and home decor finds and DIYs!

Let’s sit down and do this wild and beautiful, tragic and messy, wonderful and lovely life together. I am glad you are here.