Hi sweet people! It’s been a MINUTE since I’ve blogged, or updated on our adoption process mainly because for a few months we were deeeeep in the paperwork and all the steps. It truly is an incredibly large amount of paperwork, steps, clearances, forms, essays, making profile books of our family for expectant mama to view and interviews. Amidst all the technical aspects, there’s the overwhelming emotions with every form sent, every signature signed, every fee paid. Emotions of longing, of hope, of peace, of worry, of trust, of so strongly wanting to know who this expectant mama and baby are. Every day during this wild ride, every quiet quarantine day full of forms and paperwork, has brought us closer and closer to the next part of this story. So, sweet people, you all who have prayed for us, helped us, encouraged us and followed us so far on this journey: here’s where we are!

ALL the paperwork required to be “active” is done! Our homestudy is complete and everything is finalized- which means we are ACTIVE! This essentially means we can be matched at any time. Because we are working with an adoption consultancy, we will be able to be presented with way more cases than normal, from all around the country. Which means it can happen FAST! In the waiting, there’s lots of viewing cases, putting our yes into the hands of others, waiting, praying, hoping and mainly just longing that God truly guides us and makes it clear who is supposed to be woven into this journey next. This is the part I feel that many people want more details on and something we want to be open about- as much as we can, while still honoring and respecting the expectant mama who we are led to. Lord she’s brave. I don’t even know her yet but I pray so so hard we get to meet her and know her as long as she wants and is willing. We just feel insane amounts of respect for her. We really do. So while we absolutely cannot wait for the day we are matched, and traveling and meeting this baby- we want to continually honor and respect every single expectant mama, whether or not she ultimately chooses us. Because, most importantly, this is HER choice. We might put our yes on the table, and she might not choose us. And we will love, respect and honor every decision made. In this waiting, I think about this expectant mama just as much as I do this baby- I think about her emotions and desires, her journey to get here, how we can best support and respect her in this baby’s life. And while we wait, we are so so thankful to have so much support and love and willingness from our people to do the same, right alone with us.

So, friends. We are active. We are waiting. We are doing the work, praying hard, fighting fear and growing in hope every day as we enter into this next phase of this beautiful blooming story. We’ve been nesting, rocking baby dolls with our kids, perusing car seats, talking with our kids about baby bloom, setting up some baby things, picturing exactly where this baby fits into so many beautiful stories, hopes and dreams. And we, more than any other emotion, are hopeful. Peace filled and hopeful, I feel like this journey has seeped into our souls so strongly, so easily, that it feels like the most beautiful, exciting and anticipatory YES we’ve ever said. Thank you sweet humans for journeying along with us, reading updates, praying for the expectant mama and precious baby, supporting us, believing with us and just walking through this new story with hope and love. We are so thankful. Baby bloom- we are ready. We cannot wait to know you.