Hi fam! I’d say “friends and family” but you know by now we are all a fam. Daily trying to navigate so many different paths and journeys together- I’ve said it before, but MAN. We are so thankful and glad to be surrounded by the incredible friends and family we have- thanks for journeying with us, ya’ll. Truly.

You may have seen on instagram or facebook, but if not: We are so overwhelmingly excited, hopeful and ready to bring home our next sweet baby through adoption. Baby Bloom- a nickname we’ve given to whoever, wherever, this precious life is. A journey unfolding, a life blooming and growing and a Story unfurling. A story we are so just…thankful to hopefully be a part of. A story full of unknowns but hope, hard times but light, big emotions but peace. A story we are so ready to journey on, with you right alongside us! I’d love to just share our hearts as we begin to publicly step onto this path and grow, learn and live along the way.

Adoption feels like such a clinical word- it carries SO many questions, stereotypes, unknowns, opinions and thoughts. For us, adoption just means a love. A beautiful, strong, multi faceted and intertwining love. Nate and I have individually thought of and dreamt of one of our babies coming to us, long before we even knew each other, in a way wrought with love, bravery, hope and courage. We have both felt called to and longed to adopt, way back into the days of casually dating. Casual dating went serious pretty quick and throughout 8 years of marriage, through storms wild and quiet, we’ve felt the whispering of this journey always there. Always strong but patient, always waiting, always speaking. The fog of waiting has cleared- so richly and so stunningly. And now, this path is as clear and open as the hot wild desert we live. Waiting to bloom, waiting to grow, we put our faces towards the sun and step into this new journey with as much love, grace, openness and hope as we can.

We are choosing to work with an adoption consulting agency- a term that sounds fancy and precocious but is essentially just a way to come alongside both the adoptive family AND, more importantly, the expectant biological family. A consulting agency essentially shows us as a family to families creating an adoption plan for their child, and presents cases to us, in a much wider net. They work with individual agencies around the country to connect a greater number of families. A consulting agency also provides an added layer of support to both the adoptive family and the expectant mother- everything from counseling, rent and food, covering medical costs, and more. This is just so, so deeply important to us: To not just be a temporary presence in someone’s life, but to create an a long term environment of support and hope and love to whoever we get to meet. We envision and hope, if it is what an expectant family desires, to create a life long relationship- to support an expectant mama or family in ANY way we can, for as long as we can, whether or not they ever choose to place their child with us or not. We are working with Faithful Adoption Consultants; they focus on both sides and families of an adoption. They are committed, as are we, to loving the expectant family long term in the absolute best ways we can- physically, emotionally, tangibly.

I know ya’ll have questions- we are, as much as we can be while still protecting necessary aspects and precious people, an open book! I could talk for days and days about ALL my big and messy and excited and joyful feels about this journey- but I know sometimes you just want simple answers to all the questions! So, next steps: We are waiting for our home study to be approved. From there, we create a family profile for expectant families to look at. We do LOTS and lots and lots of paperwork- and then some more! And then we wait to be matched with an expectant mom/family. Once all the official paperwork and steps are done, getting matched could happen pretty fast! Being “matched” does not mean anything other than we BOTH choose each other- and we come alongside this expectant mom for as long as we can. The baby is not “ours” and the expectant mom might, and has every right to, change her mind as she navigates making an adoption plan for her child. Being matched just means we get the privilege of walking alongside an expectant mom in as many ways, and as best, we can. This sounds a little scary, but ya’ll. LIFE itself is terrifying. I have lived and lost in so many ways that I do not fear the unknown- I fear not loving big and well, I fear saying no to a path I am called to because it’s scary or hard. This journey might appear too unknown- but for us it just feels like one big “yes. This is what to do. This is the time to bloom”.

I know this all seems so unknown, and kind of a lot. It really is. It can feel overwhelming and the waiting, hoping, working can feel so huge. Are we terrified of that? A little but not in a consuming way- here’s why. If you know our journey at all, you know that we have NEVER walked alone. Never once. Never once have we felt alone, lost or unsupported in any ways big or tiny. We are surrounded by the MOST beautiful souls who have, since we began our lives separately and then together as a family, endlessly cheered us on. We have been carried, quite literally when we could not walk. We have been fed, prayed over, carried through loss, supported in so many ways it’s hard to accurately put into words. We have never once walked this life alone; and for that, we are deeply, crazily, strongly and wholly forever thankful. Forever thankful for the friends and family who have continued to walk by us through mountains and valles and wilderness. And we feel ready to undergo this new journey because of the wild amount of love, prayers, and support we have around us. Not everyone has this in life, and we do not take it lightly or for granted. This does not mean we feel like we can just sit back and relax, and all things will work out. We’re not naive about how difficult and BIG this journey will be, how much we will have to grow and learn and do. But we feel ready because of the absolutely incredible support surrounding us- and for that, we wish we could hug you and thank every one of you personally for congratulating us, cheering us on and giving love to our family.

As we continue day in and day out to prepare for baby Bloom, we are working so hard to learn what we can, grow where we must, prepare what we need, and do ALL we can in our power to do this journey well. Baby Bloom has been thought of, loved, waited for…for so long. And we are so overjoyed to step into this journey. So thankful. So honored. So humbled. So, so ready. Thank you for journeying with us, friends. Thank you for always loving us so well, even into the unknowns.